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Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

After being injured in a car accident, many people are not sure what their options are. It can be a scary and frustrating time, wondering whether the insurance company will pay for all the medical bills, time lost from work and other expenses that plague car accident victims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious car accident, you need answers and information on what your rights are for receiving compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Chicago, IL Auto Accidents

chicago-accident-lawyersA metropolitan city like Chicago can be expected to have higher auto accident rates and fatalities for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists than other small towns and cities. The state of Illinois had 281,788 crashes in 2011, almost half of them, 133,400, happening in Cook County. In these accidents in Cook County, 235 persons were fatally injured and another 36,923 were injured. These included all types of auto crashes, involving cars, large trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians, making Chicago a dangerous place for any type of travel.

  • Passenger vehicle accidents. The most common type of accidents is with passenger vehicles such as cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs. In 2011, almost half a million accidents in Illinois involved a passenger vehicle.
  • Motorcycle accidents. In 2011 there were 3,756 motorcycle accidents in Illinois, with over 10% more fatalities than the prior year.
  • Pedestrian accidents. There were 135 pedestrians killed and another 4,911 injured in auto accidents in Illinois in 2011, many on the busy streets of Chicago.
  • Large truck accidents. Chicago is a transportation hub for the Midwest, bringing thousands of large commercial trucks through its highways and streets. 93 people were killed in tractor-trailer crashes in 2011, the majority occupants of other vehicles.
Passenger Cars Don’t Have Much of a Chance in Accidents with SUVs

In 2008, there were close to 130 million registered vehicles in the U.S. with 1.3 million injuries, according to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. By the end of just the first quarter of 2013, six million units of passenger cars were sold in the U.S, while the SUV sales were […]

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Safe Driving for Motorcycles is important
Proof That Safe Driving Practices By Motorcyclists Can Drastically Reduce Accidents

Today’s crowded streets make it more important than ever to avoid dangerous driving practices that can cause auto and motorcycle accidents. By making certain to comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) suggestions regarding driver and road safety, motorcyclists and auto drivers alike can help reduce the potential for tragedy while on the […]

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pedestrians need to be aware of traffic
Most Chicago pedestrians are guilty of ‘dangerous’ behavior

It is easy to assume that drivers are to blame for a majority of accidents on the road. However, recent research seems to indicate that pedestrians in Chicago may actually be blameworthy for behaviors like texting while crossing the street. The study conducted by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Pedestrian Safety Survey indicates that pedestrians are […]

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Rear end truck accident settlement
$3.75M Settlement For Family Of Man Killed In Rear-End Truck Accident

A recent $3.75 million settlement in an Illinois truck accident lawsuit was recently entered in favor of a young man who was killed after being rear-ended by a truck on the road. Last fall, Keith Terry Jr. was driving in his car on I-57 when a truck tractor flat suddenly struck his car from behind. […]

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Why a website devoted to Chicago Car Accidents?

We want to provide information for Chicago residents on what options are available to them in the case of an injury car accident. Every municipality has its own laws pertaining to motor vehicles and this site is dedicated to answering questions involving Chicago car accidents in particular.

Our team of Chicago Car Accident Lawyers are dedicated to representing local victims of auto accidents. Our team of car accident attorneys goes to great lengths to prepare the cases to get the best possible financial
outcome for our clients. We retain auto accident reconstruction experts, meet our client’s medical team and do extensive research to ensure that we are prepared to fight for our client’s rights up to and including going
to trial. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in more than a thousand accident cases.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, we understand that it is a difficult and stressful time. Give us the chance to go over your options and prove we deserve your business. You can be assured that we
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