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Aurora Car Accidents

Aurora, Illinois Car Accident Lawyers

The Aurora car accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers protect the interests of anyone who has been harmed due to the needlessly reckless or irresponsible actions of another driver. Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois and its high population density increases the risk that drivers will be involved in accidents. If you have been injured in an auto collision, we will explore all of the avenues available to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by state law so that you can focus on your physical recovery rather than on whether you can meet your financial obligations.

Aurora Witnesses Serious Accidents in Recent History

Aurora Car AccidentsMany drivers are completely oblivious to the potential that their actions behind the wheel have to change or end another person’s life. In very recent history, we have been reminded of how the reckless actions of a driver can destroy the lives of innocent victims and the families that must mourn or care for them. On December 4, 2015, a 49 year old Aurora resident was killed by a 16 year old driver who was drag racing with a 20 year old driver and struck the victim as he was turning onto Eola Road.

Another Aurora man suffered serious injuries when he was struck in Sugar Grove while attempting to push his inoperable vehicle off of the road. The incident occurred at Galena Boulevard, where the speed limit was 50 mph. The at fault driver made no attempt to reduce his speed to avoid the accident and struck the victim from behind. Authorities soon discovered that he did not have a valid license.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Aurora

Our Aurora auto injury lawyers feel the need to raise public awareness to the most common causes of accidents because the data is suggesting that serious injuries will continue to be on the rise despite marked advancements in auto safety technology. Ninety percent of auto accidents are preventable incidents, which means the responsibility for an accident almost always rests on the shoulders of one or more of the drivers involved. The following are the most common causes of accidents.

  • Driver distraction. While technological advances are paving the way to safer cars, they are also providing additional distractions to drivers. A sharp rise in the number of fatal accidents has coincided with the release of smartphones and other mobile devices. Even though laws have been passed to curb their use behind the wheel, drivers continue to talk and text behind the wheel. As many as seven out of ten accidents involve a distracted driver.
  • Sleep deprivation. More drivers are taking to the streets without ample amounts of rest and this is resulting in accidents that occur when drivers fall asleep behind the wheel or are slow to react due to fatigue. While this issue is more common among commercial drivers, it is affecting the general public as well.
  • Excessive speeds. Impatient drivers often push the limits on how fast they can travel without getting caught. Due to the timing of traffic lights and the presence of other vehicles, they do not realize just how little time they are saving by speeding and how much more severe the injuries to themselves and others will be if they are in an accident.
  • The influence of drugs and alcohol. Decades of public awareness campaigns have not eliminated drunken driving and many more drivers are unaware of how the medications they are taking are impacting their ability to drive. It is the responsibility of anyone who gets into the driver’s seat to make sure that he or she is not impaired before operating a vehicle.
  • Older drivers. Age is becoming a factor in many accidents now due to the rising number of older drivers on the road. Every person suffers from diminished vision, hearing and motor function as they age, but some drivers are able to drive for much longer than others. It is the duty of everyone to assess his or her skills and to determine when the time is right to give up driving before he or she becomes a danger to others.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is a leading personal injury law firm that has successfully recovered compensation on behalf of thousands of auto accident victims. If you have been injured in an accident, we can help you recover the financial compensation that you need to cover the costs of your medical care, rehabilitative therapy, lost wages and out of pocket expenses.

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