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Broken Bones


Lawyers for People With Broken Bones from Chicago Car Accidents

Fractures are commonly sustained during auto collisions due to the exertion of force on vehicle occupants and sudden and forceful contact with objects inside or outside of the vehicle. The Chicago car accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers understand the pain and cost that is involved in recovering from broken bones and helps clients focus on the physical aspect of their recoveries by representing their legal interests following their accidents. By holding negligent drivers accountable and seeking the maximum compensation available for the victims of preventable auto accidents, we can take the financial burden off of the recovery process.

Fractures Come in Many Forms

The body’s skeletal structure is comprised of hundreds of bones that serve the purpose of bearing weight and helping maintain balance. There are many different types of fractures that may occur during a car accident, and they are grouped into the following four categories.

  • Displaced fractures. These fractures are defined as any clean break that forces two or more pieces of the bone out of place. In order for these fractures to heal, the bones must be set back into place. The measures required to set the bone back in place depends on the type of injury, its location and how many breaks are present.
  • Non-displaced fractures. Often referred to as stress fractures, non-displaced fractures are breaks or partial breaks that do not result in the separation of the bone fragments. In many cases, the bone does not need to be set in order to heal, but in others, doctors may actually ensure that the bone breaks completely because it would not heal properly otherwise.
  • Simple or closed fractures. Simple fractures are breaks that remain contained beneath the skin and do not pose a significant risk of infection or tissue damage. X-rays are required in order to confirm that the bone is broken because the break has occurred without penetrating the skin.
  • Compound or open fractures. Compound fractures are defined as any break that causes a protrusion in the skin where the bone makes an exit wound. In some cases, the bone returns beneath the skin after exiting, making it more difficult to diagnose initially. These wounds can become infected and the primary concern is keeping an infection from invading the bone where it can be nearly impossible to treat.

Treating Fractures in Auto Accidents

Our Chicago auto injury lawyers have a deep appreciation for the physical pain that our clients must undergo during their rehabilitation and wish to make the process less burdensome than it already is by helping clients gain access to some of the best specialists available. Treating broken bones is not always a simple process and the required treatment always varies based on the location of the fractures, type of fractures and whether or not there are additional medical complications to consider. Some of the methods used include the following.

  • Setting the bone and placing the affected limb into a cast. It is important that the bone remains set in place so that it can heal properly, which is why casts are used to inhibit any movement during the healing process.
  • Open reduction procedures. Reduction is the medical term used for setting bones back into their required position and open reduction requires opening the area through surgical means to place the bones back into place. Pins, screws, rods or other devices may be used to hold the bones in place during the healing process and these devices may or may not be removed after the bone has fully healed.
  • Cleaning and infection prevention. If the victim suffered a compound fracture, it is important to clean the wound in order to make sure that no bacteria has been allowed to take hold at the wound site or inside of the bone. This is done when the patient reaches the hospital and special monitoring is required to make sure that the bone and wound remains clean and free of infection.
  • Repairing damage to blood vessels and muscle tissue. Fractures can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels and muscles by cutting off the flow of blood, tearing tissue or placing pressure on nerves and blood vessels. This damage may need to be corrected through surgical means.

The amount of time required for a fracture to heal can vary from several weeks to several months and depends on the severity of the injury and other factors that include the age of the victim and his or her medical history. Victims may be unable to return to work for quite some time, which results in lost wages that they have the right to recover as part of their injury claims.

Get Legal Help Now for Fractures Sustained in Chicago Car Accidents

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has secured the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law on behalf of thousands of clients injured in auto accidents and we can help you recover the compensation that you need to cover the expense of your medical treatment, out of pocket expenses and lost wages. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning Chicago car accident attorneys so that we can review your legal options with you in the setting you feel most comfortable in. At no point throughout the legal process will you be required to pay attorneys’ fees upfront and you are assured that we will only receive payment if we are able to secure damages on your behalf.