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Car Injury Settlements

Chicago Car Accident Injury Settlements

Our Chicago car accident attorneys have helped thousands of clients from across Illinois get compensation for their injuries sustained in these crashes. Despite their frequency and a seemingly outward appearance that these cases are ‘worth what they’re worth’, our office firmly believes that the value of these cases can be maximized when procedures are followed and insurance companies are pressured into paying what the law provides for. Below are some recoveries we have achieved for individuals and families related to injuries sustained in automobile accidents.

Car Injury Settlements

  • $4,250,000 Wrongful Death Passenger In Car. While in Chicago for a work-trip, a 37-year-old man was driving through the city with his co-worker when another driver ignored a traffic light and hit their vehicle from the side. The intensity of the crash caused the car our client was riding in to flip over several times and he died at the scene of the crash. We were retained by the man’s family and recovered via both negotiation with the other vehicle’s insurance company as well as the companies under-insured motorist coverage.
  • $3,500,000 Pedestrian Injured By Turning Car. At this time, there is little technology available to prevent accidents involving inattentive drivers. In this case, our client was walking through a popular intersection in the Bucktown area of the city when a truck was poised to make a left-turn. Unfortunately, the driver did not wait to see that our client had safely made his way out of the area where he was turning and the rear-wheel set clipped our client pulling him beneath the truck.
  • $3,000,000 Car Accident Involving Corporate Vehicle. Another car accident involving a ‘company’ car— albeit one that didn’t outwardly look like one. In this case, a home decorating salesperson was on her way to an appointment and while looking at her phone for directions, struck a man who was riding a bicycle. The impact resulted in a brain injury that required several surgeries and intensive rehabilitation at an in-patient facility.
  • $1,750,000 Cervical Herniation With Surgery. This case was a reminder of the intensity of automobile crashes. While sitting in stop-and-go traffic on the Interstate, our client was hit from the rear by another driver who may have fallen asleep when behind the wheel. The impact caused a great deal of damage to the vehicles themselves and also to their occupants. The impact resulted in a case of severe whiplash to our client. However, unlike most cases of whiplash, the symptoms did not resolve themselves with physical therapy or the passing of time. Eventually, our client developed some radicular symptoms in her arms. An orthopedist confirmed that our client had a herniated disc in her neck that was eventually surgically repaired.
  • $1,500,000 Uninsured Motorist Arbitration Award. Some of the saddest cases involve severe injuries or fatalities involving people driving without any liability coverage. In this case, a family was heading out for dinner when an uninsured driver rear-ended them in a road construction zone. The severity of the impact killed our client who was sitting in the backseat. After it was confirmed that the responsible driver did not have insurance, we were able to pursue a UM case with the auto insurance company for the vehicle where out client was a passenger.
  • $1,165,000 Hip And Sternum Fractures Sustained By Driver. Holidays are always a dangerous time to be on the road as a larger percentage of drivers have consumed alcohol than on other days. In this case, our client was hit, head-on by an impaired driver. The crash was severe enough to cause numerous fractures.
  • $1,000,000 Policy Limit Wrongful Death Settlement. Generally, most car accident recoveries are limited by the amount of the responsible parties insurance coverage. In other words, while the economic impact of an injury may be very substantial, the ability to recover may be impacted by the amount of insurance coverage available. In this case, we were retained by the family of a 24-year-old woman who died in a crash, but the party who caused the crash had a total of $1 million in coverage. After investigated the driver’s personal assets, the family elected to take the offer as opposed to pursuing a case where the likelihood of an additional recovery was minimal.
  • $975,000 Road Construction Worker Struck By Car. We’ve all seen the construction crews working on roads during steamy Chicago summers. In this case a construction worker was directing traffic when a negligent driver ignored his ‘slow’ sign and collided into him. The impact resulted in a fracture to his arm and leg. In addition to a financial recovery from the responsible driver, the worker also received benefits via workers compensation.
  • $750,000 Knee Injury With Surgery. In a somewhat unusual situation, we were retained by a man who a passenger in a car driven by his domestic partner. During a rainstorm, our client’s partner lost control of their car and crashed into a tree in parkway. The impact pushed our client’s knee into the dashboard which resulted in significant internal damage.
  • $685,000 Child Injured Hit By Backing Car. As backing cameras make their way onto the list of standard safety equipment on cars, many people will continue to be seriously injured or killed in auto accidents due to backing vehicles. In this case, several boys were playing in a driveway for a scheduled play-date. While one of the boy’s parents was exiting the driveway, she hit one of the 5-year-old. The injured boys parents brought the claim to recover compensation for his injuries and medical expenses.
  • $500,000 Passenger Injury To Shoulder When Seatbelt Engaged. While you should always use a seatbelt when you get into a car, sometimes they can cause an injury. In this case, a very-high speed crash, the seatbelt may have theoretically prevented a real tragedy, our client’s should was seriously injured when it engaged on impact— resulting in an injury to our client’s shoulder.

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Our attorneys have experience representing individuals and families in all types of car accident cases involving personal injury and wrongful death. If you have questions about the value of your case or would like to arrange for a free consultation, contact our office today. As with all of our cases, we work on a contingency fee basis where there is never a legal fee charged unless there is a financial recovery for you.