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Elgin Car Accidents

Elgin Car Accident Lawyers

The Elgin car accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers work diligently to protect the rights of those who have been seriously injured in accidents that could have easily been prevented. Its location between Chicago and Rockford makes Elgin a stop along a highly trafficked transportation route and this can make it a more dangerous place to drive than other areas. The presence of numerous large trucks and drivers who are distracted by modern technology can increase both the risk and severity of accidents, so it is important that everyone who shares the road takes personal responsibility for how their actions impact the lives of other people.

Serious Accidents in the Elgin Area

In the last year alone, Elgin has witnessed its fair share of serious and fatal accidents. These incidents serve as perfect reminders to all of us that automobiles are dangerous machines capable of great devastation. One of these accidents involved a 61 year old man, who crossed into the opposing lane of traffic before striking a 40 year old motorist coming the other way. The head-on collision cost the life of the at-fault driver and sent the victim to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Elgin Car AccidentsTwo different accidents in the final days of the year resulted in an additional fatalities. The first occurred when a 31 year old woman’s vehicle departed the road and crashed into Tyler Creek. It was her birthday and she was reportedly running an errand to bring doughnuts home to her three children. She lived just down the street from where the incident unfolded and was driving a brand new SUV that her husband had purchased for her only a month before the accident. Authorities don’t know the true cause of the accident, but suspect that ice on the roads played a role.

On the last day of the year, a 52-year-old man killed an 81-year-old woman and injured six others in an accident involving his Cadillac Escalade, which rolled over the median. One of the passengers was a 16-year-old boy who needed to be airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The other passengers were taken to Presence Saint Joseph in Elgin with less serious injuries.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our Elgin auto injury lawyers are trying to raise public awareness to driver safety concerns due to the fact that recent studies have revealed that 90% of traffic accidents are the result of driver error or negligence and not mechanical failures. This means that a driver is personally at fault in nine out of ten collisions and could have done something to prevent injuries to himself and others. The most common causes of accidents include the following.

  • Driver distraction. More than half of the accidents on the road involve some degree of driver distraction and there are many instances where two or more distracted drivers are deemed to share fault for a preventable collision.
  • Fatigue and inadequate rest. Truck drivers are often hurried by their employers to meet deadlines and work for longer than they are allowed to by law. Tiredness can also impact drivers of cars, pickup trucks and SUVs if they have been on the road for a long time, are driving home after an extended shift or did not get ample rest before hitting the road.
  • Inclement weather. Ice, snow, rain, fog and glare are all factors that can influence or cause an accident. Adverse road conditions can reduce visibility, increase stopping distance and make it more difficult for a driver to maintain control of his or her vehicle.
  • The influence of drugs or alcohol. Recreational drug use and the excessive use of alcohol continue to be major concerns impacting the safety of our roads. About one-third of all traffic fatalities involve an intoxicated driver.
  • Mechanical failure. While only responsible for about 10% of the accidents that occur, design defects and mechanical failures do result in accidents from time to time. Product liability laws protect drivers and the victims in these accidents by requiring automakers and parts distributors to provide compensation if their products fail due to poor design or craftsmanship.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is a leading personal injury firm that has been able to help thousands of auto collision victims recover the compensation they deserve for the value of their hospital bills, rehabilitative therapy, lost wages and pain and suffering following an accident. We understand how a car accident can change your life in an instant and will do whatever it takes to help you be able to move forward with your life.

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