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While using a smart device inside a motor vehicle is considered distracted driving, the CEO of SMARTwheel might have a revolutionary idea of how to use your smart phone in your car to save your life. The device utilizes gesture recognition technology as an effective tool for controlling your vehicle using simple gestures and providing real-time insights and feedback to help you make smarter decisions when operating a vehicle. With over one million crashes occurring in the United States every year, and most being completely preventable, this device can save many lives and injuries over time.

The device quickly snaps onto the steering wheel and wirelessly connects to an app on your smart phone to work as a personal driving assistant that automatically syncs with a GPS system. In addition, its lighting system gets brighter once you are approaching the next turn on your route. It can also monitor the health of the vehicle and provide a variety of smart tips to ensure better driving. The device provides information to the app that allows you to track a variety of behaviors including:

Reduce Distracted Driving

  • Your gesture history
  • Your hand positions
  • The length and time of your trip
  • Any event that involves drowsy driving
  • Hard braking events
  • Unsafe driving habits
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Turn rates
  • Collisions

In addition, it provides fun rewards you can achieve through safe driving habits along with a social leaderboard that allows you to challenge friends and family to drive smarter and safer.

Utilizing advanced sensor technology, the SMARTwheel uses a proprietary algorithm for interpreting your very subtle hand movements, individualized driving habits and the distinct gestures you use to control your vehicle and device. The device is Bluetooth enabled for instant connectivity with other smart devices, phones and your vehicle.

Gesture Recognition

As one of the most rapidly developing fields in smart phone applications, gesture recognition is used for a variety of games, artificial intelligence and computing. SMARTwheel uses this technology for interacting with and controlling the device to make driving your vehicle safer, more intuitive and more fun. Through simple hand gestures, you are able to control a variety of different accessories and features in your automobile that include:

  • Adjust the stereo
  • Activate the turn signals
  • Turn the headlights off or on
  • Turn the windshield wiper on or off
  • Communicate directly with GPS technology
  • Make phone calls or answer calls on your smart phone, activate Siri and initiate voice text messaging

The device works proactively by allowing motorist to stay safe while driving by providing many of the basic functions without the need to avert their eyes from the roadway or take their hands off the wheel. In fact, the sensing technology helps promote safer hand positions and uses tone alerts and lights as a tool to prevent distracted driving behavior.

Ideal for Teen Driver Distractions

The SMART (Safe Motorist Alert for Restricting Texting) wheel attaches to the steering wheel and utilizes built-in sensors to accumulate information and notifications anytime both hands are taken off the wheel. Because of that, it is impossible for anyone, especially teenagers, to perform texting while driving. If the system is alerted too many times, it automatically sends text messages to the driver’s parents to notify them of the child’s unacceptable driving habits. The system is ideal for the teenage motorist demographic that has the highest incident rates of injury and fatality accidents associated with distracted driving.

SMARTwheel seems like a logical solution to a difficult problem that affects over 400,000 individuals in the United States who suffer serious injuries in vehicle accidents every year caused by distracted driving. As a solution to a serious problem that uses advanced technology, the device can make roadways safer for everyone. The tool has been proven highly effective at preventing distracted driving while promoting better driving habits that allow the motorist to remain focused on the roadway by keeping both hands firmly on the wheel and distractions at bay.

Since the launch of this new invention,SMARTwheel has been featured on Shark Tank, the reality TV show that displays highly imaginative inventions. Additionally, the device has been endorsed by both Ray LaHood, the former US Secretary of Transportation and President Barack Obama.